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Sunday, December 29, 2019

Cheesey Taco Dip

This is the perfect party food that will fool everyone. Even non vegans. I made some and took it to work to share and it was loved until it was all gone. 

Super easy to make too. Mostly just a lot of stirring and a little pouring. 

This is definitely one of those dishes that if you do not tell them it's vegan, they'll never know.

For the veggie crumble, I highly recommend Morning Star. I tried Beyond and it's not the same as it used to be. Of course you can use whatever you like. TVP would even work.

Here is what you will need. 
1 package of your favorite veggie crumble
2 - 3 tbsp taco seasoning (low sodium is best)
water, veg broth or oil for cooking the veg crumble
1 container of Kite Hill Plain Cream Cheese
1 package of Violife Cheddar Shreds
plain unsweetened plant milk
tortilla chips for dipping

In a large skillet, cook the veg crumble until nice and hot and thawed if still frozen. You can add a little water, veg broth or oil to keep from sticking.

Next add the taco seasoning and stir to combine. You might need a little water to combine the seasoning too. Remove from heat.

In a sauce pan and on low medium heat, melt together the cream cheese and cheddar shreds until nice and creamy. You will need to stir continuously. Here you can add some plain unsweetened milk to thin it out a little. I think I added about 1/2 a cup. 

When the cheeses are all melty, add the taco veg crumble. Stir to combine. 

You can keep it warm in a tiny crock pot which is what I did. 

Serve with tortilla chips and enjoy.

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