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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Wreath

While in a rather famous craft store, I came upon a Halloween wreath that was made of tulle, lights, a styrofoam wreath and a few halloween decorations. It was really cute until I saw the price tag. $60. I said no way and told my daughter I bet I could make this with Dollar Tree supplies. 

So, I went to the Dollar Tree and found almost everything I needed to make this wreath.

A couple items I already had is some craft wire, wire cutters and a piece of thin black string of any kind. 

Here is what you will need.
6 rolls of sparkle tulle
1 green styrofoam wreath
1 pack of LED lights
1 pack of AA batteries
Halloween decorations of your choosing. I used a spider and bats. This allowed me to make two wreaths
1 pack of plastic bands you will find in the hair section of the store
craft wire
wire cutters
1 foot of thin black string
hot glue gun

First step: cut the tulle into 12 inch pieces. You should get 9 pieces from each roll. 

Second step: take a piece of tulle and scrunch it together long ways. Wrap it around the wreath making sure the ends are even. Tie it off with a plastic band. Complete this step all the way around the wreath.

Third step: cut 2" pieces of wire and fold in half making a bobby pin style anchor.

Fourth step: add the lights from the back making sure the little light part is sticking out between the tulle. Pin the first light to anchor it. Then adjust the remaining lights but do not anchor until you have them evenly spread out. Once you have them where you like them, then you can pin them down. Once everthing is pinned or anchored down, hot glue the battery back down so that it is not flopping around every where. Make sure you glue the battery pack with the screw side up. This will allow you to change the batteries when needed.

Fifth step: tie the spider on where you like or glue it on if you found one different than the one I used. Add the bats too. 

I used an over the door hook for mine but if you like you can add a piece of ribbon to hang it. 

That's it. I hope you enjoyed this wreath. If you made one, be sure to tag me on instagram.

Happy Halloween!!!

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