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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Toliet Paper Tube Framed Art

Here is a cute little project that reuses toliet paper tubes, paper towel tubes, cracker or cereal boxes and old frames. You can customize these anyway you like to match a girls room or a living room. 

You can also make them as big as you like too. Keep in mind you will need more tubes and boxes if you do make a larger one. 

Here are the supplies you will need for a 10x10 piece.
10x10 frame with the glass and pegs removed 
enough toilet paper tubes to make 15 1/2" petals
cracker or cereal box
acrylic paint in three colors and brushes
mod podge
hot glue
3 acrylic gems

Paint your frame with white paint. You can spray paint it outside or you can give it a few coats of acrylic paint. Paint the bottom and sides first, then the top.

Lightly press the toilet paper tubes and make 1/2" marks on them. Cut at the marks to make your petals. You will need five for each flower. Once all of the petals are cut, paint the entire petal, inside and out with a bright pink. 

Cut the short ends of your cracker box off leaving the entire front and back pieces in tact. Paint both sides light blue. When completely dry, make 1/2" marks at the short ends. With a ruler, make lines across the box and cut 1/2" strips. 

Let's make the flowers first. With a hot glue gun, attach five petals to each other one at a time at one end of the petal until you have a flower. Add the the acrylic gem to the center with additional hot glue. Complete this for three flowers

On the back side of the frame, place the flowers on the frame in a way that appeals to you and attach with hot glue. 

Coil the blue strips with a skewer and attach the flowers with hot glue. You can make long coils or short ones. 

Add as many as you like filling up the frame. 

When you are finished, coat the entire piece with mod podge starting with the back. This will ensure your piece will last. 

Please watch the video for more info. 

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