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Monday, May 22, 2017

TVP Vegan Nacho Griller

This recipe was inspired by something my daughter had from a place I care not mention. It looked interesting I thought I would try to vegan it. I can't believe it worked and on the first try. It's really tasty too. It's kind of spicy so if you have little one's, maybe leave out the Rotel. 

Before you begin making these, you will need some of my Vegan Easy Cheese and TVP Taco Filling. Both are easy to make. Below are links to those videos.

Vegan Easy Cheese video

TVP Taco Filling video

Let's get to it. Here are some other things you will need. 
8" flour tortilla's
tortilla strips
Rotel or salsa of your choice
black beans drained and rinsed

Add about 1/3 cup of the TVP Taco Filling to a tortilla. Do not add too much or you might have trouble folding them up. Then add some black beans, cheesy Rotel, some tortilla strips. Fold it up like a burrito. Grill in a dry non stick pan for just a few minutes on each side until they are golden. They are ready. Enjoy!!!!

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