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Thursday, May 11, 2017

DIY Toliet Roll Art

So I was looking for a unique way to use up the toliet paper rolls I had been collecting and had friends saving for me. I came across this huge piece of wall art made from the cardboard rolls from toliet paper. I loved it and decided to give it a try. 

The original piece was huge and made using spray paint which I just did not like. Spray paint can be expensive, messy and smelly and it's just not good to be around. I decided to use acrylic paint for mine and it turned out great. 

You will need 70 rings for this piece and I used between 25 and 30 toliet tubes. I'm not sure of exactly how many because each tube is different and well, I just lost count. 

Once you have collected 30 tubes, make 1" marks on the side and cut into rings at those marks. You will get three or four per tube. 

With your acrylic paint of choice, paint the inside first and then the outside of all 70 rings. Once they are dried, give them a coat of mod podge. The mod podge will seal them and harden them making them more sturdy.

To start assembling the piece which is really quick, take seven pieces and fold creasing the ends. You will need to do this to all of the pieces. Shape into a flower and hot glue for quick drying. You can use school or craft glue as well. It will just take longer to dry.

Once the center piece is complete, add another ring between each ring. Will be seven more pieces. Set aside. 

Now you are going to make seven, five petal flowers and attach to the last row you just added. 

To finish, you will add three pieces between each of the flowers you just added in kind of a layered effect. 

Once your piece is completely assembled, reinforce all of the points with a drop of mod podge. Let dry over night and hang on your wall of choice.

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