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Monday, March 20, 2017

Apricot Tahini Raw Burrito

Yes, I know I make alot of burritos but they are so yummy. I made this one because I want to get more greens and vegetables and less processed food in my diet. I mean a whole lot more.

I know tahini and apricots might sound weird but it really is good and since this was my first time eating collard greens, I wanted something slightly sweet. For some reason I thought the greens would be bitter. But they are not and they are so incredibly good for you.

Really all you need to do is mix some tahini and apricot spread together until you like the taste and consistency. I also added some garlic powder as well. 

You will also need some collard greens and your favorite vegetables. I used cucumber, red bell pepper, carrots, tomato and avocado. 

Assembly is easy. First, cut some of the spine off of the collard green for easier folding. Spread some of the dressing on and add your vegetables. Fold it like a burrito and enjoy. I had two of these for lunch and I can't wait to have more.

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