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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Date Rolls

Have I ever told you how much I love date rolls or date balls. OMG They are freaking fabulous. A super healthy treat and will satisfy any sweet tooth. They can be costly depending on where you get them but they are really easy to make. I mean really, really, really easy to make. And if you are like any other normal vegan, you will already have the two ingredients in your house. Dates and coconut!! You will also need a super high powered processor. I received a ninja master prep for christmas and I finally used it today. Wow is that thing amazing. 

I almost forgot to mention all of the great benefits dates have. Surprisingly they have several. Here is a little list to get started.

So, I already told you there are only two ingredients, dates and unsweetened coconut but the best part is you don't have to measure anything. I made about six or seven balls from about 10 to 15 dates just to give you an idea. All you do is put some dates in your processor and process until the dates form one big date ball. Roll into a ball or a roll and toss in some coconut. Done!! Enjoy!!

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