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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Custom Christmas Ornaments

Here is a cute ornament to make for friends, co-workers and even family. They are really inexpensive too. And the best part, once they are finished, the glitter doesn't make a mess all over. 

Let's get started. 
You will need to choose a font and type out the names you will be using. It's best to use a laser printer. If you use an inkjet, I'm not sure how the ink will hold up. Once the name or names are printed, very carefully trim around the font. 

You will also need the following:
extra fine glitter
plastic ornaments that you put together after decorating
some type of embellishment to go next to the name
ribbon for hanging

Once the name is cut out, put a light coat of varnish in the center of the ornament where you think would be a good place to display. Then add the name to the varnish. Using the back of your paint brush, gently tap the name to make sure there are no air bubbles. Then add whatever embellishment you have found. 

Pour some varnish into one of the halves and swirl around coating the inside. Pour out the excessive varnish. Pour the glitter into the ornament and swirl that around too. Lay open side down to dry. Complete the other half this way and let dry. 

Once both halves are dry, go back and fix or touch up any spots you might have missed. Add a ribbon for a hanger and you are finished. 

Please watch the video for more details and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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