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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Vegan Amaranth Porridge

A lot of people have no idea what #amaranth is. It's been around for 8,000 years and it is cultivated has a grain. It is comparible to quinoa, rice and maize. It's about half the size of quinoa. When cooked, it reminds me of cream of wheat. It's full of protein and iron as well. Here are some other great benefits of amaranth. 
I know it's summer time here in the U.S. but I think this is a great breakfast any time of year. Cooking it easy too. This is also similar to cooking quinoa. One cup uncooked yields about 3 cups cooked. You can add anything you like to it for breakfast. Here is how I like to have it.

Tip: You can buy it in bulk at Whole Foods. It's under $3 a pound in my area. #Bob'sRedMill also carries it.

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