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Monday, July 25, 2016

Vegan Frozen Strawberry Whip

Do you love strawberries? I sure do and so does my daughter. We look forward to every June when we can go strawberry picking. You get out in those strawberry fields and all you smell is strawberries. It's just amazing. 

Strawberries have some great health benefits too. Check these out. 

They also aid in fighting bad cholesterol, boosts your immune system, promotes eye health, helps with allergies and asthma, reduces the risk of stroke, fights cancer, regulates blood pressure and burns fat. They are also great for prenatal health. 

This quick and super easy treat I came up with is sure to please everyone. And it's low in calories too. Here is what you will need.

1 1/2 cups frozen strawberries
2 hefty scoops of SoDelicious Cocowhip
1 large speckled banana

Throw everything in a food processor and process until it looks smooth and creamy. It will only take a minute or two depending on your processor. That's it. Enjoy!! I've never had leftovers so I am not sure how it will freeze. If I ever do, I will let you know. 

Check out this video to see how easy it is to make.

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