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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Avocado Toast

If you have not tried this, I highly recommend it. Who knew that avocado and toast would go so well together. And, if you like nutritional yeast, that goes great on it too.

This is meal is very satisfying too. I have two pieces for breakfast around 7a.m. and I am good until around noon or 1p.m. One small avocado is enough for two pieces of toast. Mmmmmmm it's so good. Try some today.

Back to Business

Hello Everyone,

I've been gone from here for quite a while. Lots going on in my life. Nothing bad though. I started home schooling my daughter this school year and that takes up a lot of time. Then came the holidays. November and December always seems to be such a blur with the shopping and planning and everthing else that comes with the holidays.

There are going to be more changes in my life this year. Hopefully good ones. I am starting my urban farming business which I am very excited for. I have such a love for home grown fruits and veggies that I am trying my hand at #UrbanFarming. I also plan on posting here a few times a week. Then I have my jewelry and other crafts that I love to do. I really do not have time for my full time job anymore, ha ha. So starting next month, February, 22, 2016, I will be working part time at one job and getting the other things going.

I hope everyone is having a great year so far.

Thanks for stopping by.