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Monday, June 15, 2015

Let's teach our kids!!!

A thought that has been replaying in my head for about the past month is what the hell are we teaching our kids!!!!! A lot of parents are so quick to give their kids a snack from a box or from some plastic wrap and they are learning that this is ok. This is wrong on so many levels and I too am guilty of it. What happened to fruits and vegetables? It's so easy to give them some packaged crap that's probably going to cause some type of cancer or other illness and we will blame everyone and everything except ourselves.  Well, it's just as easy to give them an apple, orange, grapes, watermelon, carrots, cucumber, celery or some other fantastic fruits and vegetables that has no side effects. And organic produce is becoming more and more available. Why do we do this? Our parents did not have the option of giving us processed junk, well, not as much. We need to take back our kids' health and as a society, teach them the right way of eating so our kid's can teach their kids and so on and so on. If we don't teach them now, what's going to happen to their kids!!!

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