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Sunday, June 14, 2015

About me!!

Hey there. My name is Michelle and I am super passionate about healthy eating, clean living, saving the planet and animals, organics, gardening and sharing what I have learned with you. That was a lot huh!!! I have a few more but I'll share those later. 

I first decided to give up animal products two years ago because I don't want to need pills and medication just to survive. That's not surviving to me.  I also want to be here for my daughter for as long as possible. I have family and friends who have diabetes, cancer, obesity and heart disease. I do not want any of that for me or my daughter. I also live with a meat eater and processed faux food consumer. That makes it really hard to control what my daughter eats.

Please follow me while I learn and share recipes with you and help people understand why I chose this lifestyle. I am also trying to get my daughter to understand why this is better for her. 

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